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Electronic Hardware Design, Embedded Hardware design

Argus Systems is a globally recognized PCB Electronics Hardware Design Company Offering Product Engineering services worldwide with strong presence in Consumer, Industrial, Telecom, Defense and Aerospace domains. We provide turnkey Electronic product design services from concept definition to development of a fully tested and standard compliant product ready for volume manufacturing. We innovate, research and help in creatively designing new products as per requirement. Argus has established Electronic Design standards for acceptance and delivery which results in faster turnaround time with least error. We are customer centric and deliver high-quality multi-layer, high-speed PCB design and manufacturing, taking into consideration of real-world Electronic Manufacturing and test requirements. Our Electronic Hardware design services includes Embedded hardware design, High Speed PCB design, Low current High Voltage PCB Design, Low Voltage PCB Design, High current PCB design, Digital PCB Design, Analog PCB Design, RF PCB Design, Mixed Signal PCB Design.

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Hardware Architecture

  • Product Feasibility Analysis
  • Systems Architecture
  • Hardware and software micro-architecture
  • Hardware and software partitioning
  • Product Cost and Technical trade-off analysis
  • System Design and analysis as per regulatory requirements
  • Product Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis
  • Compliance and Regulatory management.
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Component Engineering

  • Bill of material Analysis/Risk Assessment
  • Obsolescence Solutions.
  • Part life cycle management.
  • Alternate Part/substitute Selection.
  • Qualification of Alternate Components.
  • Reliability, Thermal, and Packaging information.
  • Environmental compliance (ROHS/WEEE).
  • Parts management for Industrial systems & military systems.
  • PCN/PDN Management.
Electronics Hardware design company

PCB Library Development

  • Dedicated team for customer-specific PCB Library development or Standards compliant PCB CAD Library development and management which include schematics symbols, PCB footprint, and 3D models
  • Schematic Symbol creation according to ANSI, IEC or customer Specific standard across various EDA tools
  • Component footprint creation according to IPC-2221 and IPC7351 or customer Specification across various EDA tools
  • Quality Control and Process-driven development ensures zero defect PCB library components
  • Expertise in creating complex component PCB libraries, press-fit components and electromechanical components
  • Customized PCB library development and maintenance for each customer.
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PCB Hardware design Schematic

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PCB Layout Design

  • High degree of Expertise in High speed PCB board design and PCB design analysis.
  • PCB design services - High speed digital PCB, Analog PCB, mixed Signal PCB (digital/analog), IC Package Designs, advanced RF PCB designs.
  • High Layer count and Ultra High-density PCB layout design services.
  • Multiple Fine pitch BGA of high pin count.
  • Standards Compliant (IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254) designs as per customer specifications.
  • Impedance controlled PCB Layout Design with delay matching, Differential Pairs, Shielded Lines, Stack-up, and material selection.
  • PCB Layout Design with Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias, and back drill.
  • Motherboards, Single Board Computers, High-speed Serial Backplanes, Telecom Backplane.
  • ASIC Test Boards, Load Boards, Probe Cards, Burn-in Boards, sockets, IC Package Design.
  • IC package design services for emerging design technologies like Flip Chip, stacked die, POP, PIP, wire bond technology.
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PCB CAM Engineering

  • Our team equipped with proprietary automation software and applications, perform the analysis, editing, and penalization of electronic data files before fabrication. Our capabilities are as under:
  • Extensive DRC solutions and editing capabilities for single-sided, double-sided and multilayer boards
  • penalization or board array configuration with maximum usage
  • CAM interface along with various coupons (TDR, Military, Impedance, etc.)
  • Drill, Route, V- score (skip-score) programs & various tooling expertise within tolerances
  • Netlist extraction
  • We can build custom test fixtures, which can test many boards at the same time.
PCB Layout Design analysis

PCB hardware Design Analysis

  • Signal quality analysis: Cross talk, Reflections, Timing, Eye diagram, Bit error rate.
  • Signal Compatibility & Loading analysis.
  • Derating analysis
  • Pre-Route and post-route Signal Integrity Analysis.
  • IBIS Model Creation.
  • EMI analysis.
  • Power Integrity analysis.
  • Board and system Level Thermal Design.
  • Thermal simulation and Thermal analysis.
  • Reliability analysis.
  • Multi-board analysis.
  • Design for manufacturing Analysis (DFM)
  • Design for Assembly Analysis (DFA)
  • Design for Test analysis (DFT)
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Electronics Hardware Circuit Simulation

  • PCB Board design includes Electronic circuit modeling and simulation using mathematical models to replicate the behavior of an actual electronic device or circuit.
  • SPICE simulation.
  • Model-based simulation using MATLAB.
  • Multi-domain simulation, automatic code generation, and test and verification of embedded systems.
  • Simulation of signal processing, wireless and communication algorithms in Lab VIEW.
  • Design and development of applications using Lab VIEW.
  • Power supply, Power Electronics circuit simulation.
PCB CAD Translation & EDA Conversion

PCB CAD Translation & EDA Conversion

Key focus is to ensure that the customer gets a high degree of interoperability and design investment protection when transitioning from existing tool. We ensure the design data integrity and help you in leveraging existing design for other future designs.

  • Schematics translation/conversion.
  • PCB layout translation.
  • Netlist conversions.
  • PCB CAD library conversions.
  • Any Gerber file set translated to PCB layout tool of preference.
  • Database conversions from other PCB CAD systems or Gerber data to facilitate nonrestrictive future development.
  • Scripts to improve automaton for PCB translations.
  • EDA tool-chain support: Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Altium, Zuken.
Hardware Reverse Engineering

Hardware Reverse Engineering

  • Obsolete products with no circuit diagrams or documentation available.
  • Re-positioning of obsolete components.
  • PVB hardware design recovery.
  • Products Re-designed for RoHS/ WEEE compliance.
  • While retaining the core features & logic of existing systems migration to emerging technologies.
  • Design Changes For increased performance.
  • For new Feature additions.
  • Manufacturing process changes: Through-hole to SMD parts Migration
  • To address support/Repair issues on older PCBA where documentation does not exist.
  • Cost Optimization /Lower System Cost
  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Competitor Analysis and gain
  • Speed up time to market for your product
Custom Electronics Hardware Design, Embedded Hardware Design

Electronics Hardware Design, Electronic Product Design, Embedded hardware design, High Speed PCB design, Low current high voltage PCB design, low voltage high current PCB design, Digital PCB Design, Analog PCB Design, RF PCB Design, Mixed Signal PCB Design, Electronic Design services

Argus Systems a globally recognized Electronic Product Design and manufacturing services company Providing Electronic hardware design services, PCB board design services, PCB Hardware Design Services (Digital PCB Design, Analog PCB Design, RF PCB Design, Mixed Signal PCB Design), PCB layout design services (High speed PCB Design, High Voltage PCB Design, Low Voltage PCB Design) and Embedded hardware design services to its global clients in India, USA and UK for Automotive, Medical, Aerospace & Defense and Industrial applications.