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Embedded Software Solutions

Argus Embedded Systems is a leader in developing Embedded software solutions ( Embedded Software and Embedded Hardware ) for various industries and domains. We have designed and developed mission critical embedded systems software and embedded systems hardware for various domains. We use our extensive knowledge, expertise, and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware and rich applications. We have developed simple-easy-to-use but complex functionalities interfaces for consumer electronics, computer peripherals, and telecom products.

Our Embedded software development group comprises skilled embedded software engineers and developers, who have worked in the latest technologies and platforms across various verticals like Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical, Defence, Aerospace, Wireless, Automotive, Industrial, Telecom and Networking.

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Embedded Firmware Development

  • Our team has vast application building expertise in various segments like media, wireless, networking & consumer devices.
  • NPI , Application and Algorithm development.
  • Firmware and Device Driver Development.
  • Board Support Packages.
  • Assembly level programming.
  • RTOS (Linux, VxWorks),DSP (ADI, TI).
  • Board bring-up, Diagnostic, and Production test software.
  • Protocol stacks, embedded web servers.
  • 8/16/32/64 bit Processor/micro-controllers Architecture.
  • Standard/Propriety communication protocols.
  • Performance tuning and optimization of applications.
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Application Software

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Embedded Application Development

  • Our team has vast application building expertise in various segments like media, wireless, networking & consumer devices.
  • Networking: Routers, Gateways.
  • Voice & Video over IP.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n AP Infrastructure.
  • Customer Premises Equipment.
  • IoT Gateways, Sensor data analysis.
  • RFID and GPRS based products.
  • Multimedia: Audio/Video Streaming.
  • Home Networking Gateways.
Embedded software Design

Supported CPU/DSP Architectures

  • Our team has experience in various CPU/DSP based Architectures.
  • Free scale Q or IQ P2020/2010.
  • Kinetis KE06 CAN microcontroller.
  • ARM7, ARM9, Cortex.
  • PowerPC, Motorola 68K.
  • MIPS, Network Processors, Vector DSP.
  • X86, AVR, PIC, MSP430
  • ADI(Blackfin 533/537, SHARC, 218x, 219x)
  • Free scale (MSC 81xxx).
  • TI (C5000, C6000, OMAP, Davinci)
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Board Support Package

  • Expertise on building integral components like File Systems & Boot loaders, OS & Kernel, various Libraries & Drivers for the design, development, and porting of BSPs.
  • Peripheral: USB,PCI,GBE, Wi-Fi, ATA, Audio/Video.
  • RTOS & Kernel: Linux, VxWorks, Nucleus, ThreadX, WinCE.
  • Boot-loader: Red Boot,uBoot.
  • File Systems : FAT32,Ext3,JFFS2.
  • Libraries & Drivers for Wireless, Networking, Audio/Video.
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RTOS Porting Services

  • Argus can efficiently port Embedded Linux, DSP BIOS, VxWorks, ThreadX, Nucleus, WinCE, uITRON, Mac OS, etc on your SoCs.
  • Our well-proven porting methodology will substantially reduce your porting time and development costs.
  • We adapt to the mainline code base of a silicon vendor as a reference to provide a stable version of ported BSP.
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Protocols & Algorithms

  • Our Protocol expertise and Algorithm Proficiency has aided our customers in multiple product development cycles.
  • We have an excellent track record of working on optimization, porting, and implementing various Protocols and Algorithms.
  • Our designing services team has expertise in DSP, Image Processing, Wireless & Networking, and Audio-Video domains.

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Argus Systems a globally recognized Electronic System and sub-system Design company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK, Australia supports Its customers for Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development services, Device Driver Development, Embedded Hardware Development and Embedded Systems software Development Requirements.