Test Automation Services

Integrated Hardware & Software Functional,Performance Automated Testing

HIL Testing, Model Based Testing, Verification and Validation, TaaS

Quality Engineering – Test Automation Services, QA Automation Services

Argus (AESPL) provides Quality Engineering Services, Quality Assurance services across the entire product lifecycle from consulting to implementation to end of life testing support with Automated Testing (Functional Testing, Performance Testing), ensuring high product quality and operational excellence. AESPL Test Automation services , QA Automation services teams work with agile approaches throughout the entire quality Engineering and Test Engineering process to implement Functional Testing, performance Testing, Model Based Testing, HIL Testing, Verification and validation (V&V ) functions.

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Test Automation Services

  • Argus accelerates the test execution process enhancing businesses’ go-to-market strategy while reducing risk and delivering greater business value through test automation.
  • Our test automation addresses the industry need for high quality, reliable Automated testing services while concurrently delivering tangible cost savings to the business.
  • With our offering of robust Automated testing services, we support end-to-end testing, across multiple technologies.
functional Testing

Automated Testing - Performance & Functional Testing

  • Several different automated Testing approaches can be adopted depending upon the type of circuit (RF, Digital, Analogue, etc), the degree of testing required.
  • Functional and Performance testing with Automatic Test Equipments
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT), JTAG boundary scan Based Automated Testing.
  • End-of-line (EOL) testing for Functionality and Performance.
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Model Based Testing – MATLAB, Simulink

  • Our Model Based Testing Test Automation Consulting Engineers are experts in MATLAB, Simulink, and Model-Based Design and employ best practices for designing and optimizing models and algorithms, visualizing and managing data, and developing applications and user interfaces.
  • We can integrate MATLAB and Simulink (Model Based Testing) with your databases, requirements, and configuration management tools, and other software systems to unify workflows, models, and data, and to eliminate duplication of development effort and reduce maintenance costs.
  • We Can Improve your Model-Based Design development and Model Based Testing process to design, prototype, and implement embedded systems to accelerate project development and shorten time-to-market.
  • Functional Testing

    Test and QA Automation – LabView

    • Project Architecture- Reduce the risk of downtime and maintenance costs by engaging at the beginning of a project to ensure your code is scalable and maintainable.
    • Code review – From reviewing LabVIEW code to migrating from one version of LabVIEW to another, this service provides a resource to check and correct your work, and keep you on track.
    • R&D to Production –turn your lab prototype into a robust functioning system that can be used in production or delivered to your customers.
    • Complete System Development – completely outsource your system software development. we can provide a proposal and estimate with a practical and realistic timeline for completion.
    Functional Testing
    Hardware In the Loop – HIL Testing
    • HIL testing strategy
    • Model and simulation development.
    • HIL Test framework and automation development.
    • Development and integration of custom high-speed protocols.
    • Custom component integration including real-time and high-speed FPGA based simulation.
    • Custom graphical user interfaces.
    • Data management, integration & analysis.
    • Industry-standard automation integration experience ASAM – XIL.
    • Test process automation and “scripting” capabilities via Python or TestStand.
    • Extensive HIL Testing experience for applications including Automotive ECUs, and RF Systems.
    Verification & Validation Infrastructure
    Verification and Validation Services - V&V Services
    • Verification & Validation V&V Services infrastructure:
    • Digital Oscilloscope, Logic analyser, Spectrum analyser.
    • Arbitrary waveform Function Generator.
    • DDS Signal generator & counter.
    • Multi-channel regulated power supply.
    • LCR meter & Digital Multi-meter.
    • RF Signal Tester.
    • ST-LINK, Atmel-ICE, PICkit 3/4/5, AVR ISP.
    • Platform Cable USBII for AMD/Xilinx FPGAs,CPLD.
    • TI MSP-FET, TI XDS110 debugger & emulator.
    • PICkit 3/4, AVR ISP In-Circuit programmer and debugger for Microchip PIC, dsPIC, AVR.
    • 8051 programmers.
    Quality Engineering
    Agile & DevOps
    • Continuous integration and delivery.
    • Source code management (Git, svn).
    • Unit test Automation
    • Static code Analysis
    • Deployment( Ansible, Containers)
    • Integration Tests.
    • Load test, Performance benchmarking.
    testing as a service
    Testing as a Service (TaaS)
    • Software test development services to organizations.
    • Testing as a service TaaS includes UI Automation tests, API tests, load tests.
    • Front End - Selenium Protractor.
    • API Tests – Rest, assured, SoapUI.
    • Performance Tests- Jmeter, Blazemeter.

    Quality Engineering and Test Engineering

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    Argus Systems a globally recognized Electronic System Design and Electronic manufacturing company (ESDM) with Its Operations in India, USA, UK Providing Quality Engineering Services, Test Engineering services such as Test Automation Services, QA Automation Services, Automated Testing (LabView, MATLAB, Simulink, HIL), Functional Testing, Performance Testing, QA automation, Verification and Validation Services , V&V Services , End-of-line testing, EOL Testing, Testing as a service , TaaS.