Custom Keypad solutions, overlays

Membrane keypads, Capacitive keypads, Silicone rubber keypads

Membrane keypads, Capacitive keypads, Silicone rubber keypads

Design and manufacturing of Multiple keypad types such as Membrane keyboard Switch, silicone rubber keypad, flexible membrane keypad and capacitive keypads for a wide range of industries and applications. Argus Engineering and Hardware Design assistance ensures that your keypads meets all of your specifications for prototype and production quantities.

Membrane Keypad & Keypad Overlay

  • Flexible Membrane Keypad Construction with tactile/ Non-tactile
  • Rigid PCB Keypad Construction with tactile/ Non-tactile
  • EMI/RFI Shield: Aluminium Foil/Metal Mesh/ITO
  • EMI Shielding for Display Window
  • ESD compliance keypad option
  • Membrane Switch Layout: Common Point/Matrix
  • Integrated SMD LED : Common Point/matrix LED layout
  • Graphic Material Polyester which is resistant to chemical and has more flex life
  • Keypad overlay Graphic material Polyester XE for outdoor application
  • Keypad overlay Graphics with Polycarbonate material for low cost applications.
  • Keypad overlay Graphic Finish offered : Gloss/Matte/Selective Textured
  • Keys type supported: Tactile/Duraswitch/ Non Tactile
  • Tactile Keys spec: 8.4mm/12mm/16mm.20mm metal dome tactile
  • Duraswitch: 406/625 armature
  • Embossing : Perimeter/Pillow
  • Backlight option for duraswitch and Tactile concentrator
  • Customised Tail Length, No of contacts, Pitch
  • Keypad Tail Termination : Female, Male, ZIF, LIF
  • Carbon protection for ZIF/LIF Keypad Tail
  • Keypad Tail location option: Up, Down, Right, Left
  • Keypad tail placement Option: From edge if membrane, inboard from edge, completely Inboard
Membrane Keypad
Membrane, Capacitive, Silicone Rubber keypad Solutions

Contact Argus for your Membrane Switch, Membrane Keypad, capacitive keypad, Silicone rubber keypad Requirements.

Argus (AESPL)is a leading custom membrane switch manufacturer and custom keypad manufacturer which is is able to provide our customers with custom tactile membrane keypads and custom keypads that meet their needs as a user interface and face plate to their product. With Argus Core Strength in Electronic design and Electronic manufacturing capabilities, We engineer and manufacture custom membrane switch and membrane keypad technologies that meets specific customer requirements in both performance and visual aesthetics.