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Cloud Applications and Enterprise Mobility solutions

Cloud & DevOps are two seemingly different concepts with a single digital transformation goal which are being embraced by all type of companies. Embracing DevOps consulting services leads to quicker time to market with shorter development cycles & increased deployment frequencies.

Argus supports Cloud-based engineering design& manufacturing services in distributed and collaborative environments leveraging computing infrastructure in the private or public cloud. Our suggested Cloud networked manufacturing model enhances productivity & reduces product lifecycle cost allowing for optimal resource allocation ideal for prioritizing variable customer-centric tasks.

Argus provides Cloud and DevOps consulting & strategy which includes Business Advisory, Application migration & Application re-architecture services. We assess the existing framework and then create an implementation roadmap with suitable services and deployment models. With the help of DevOps workflow, we bring together various Cloud Services such as suitability of Cloud platform, Cloud cost optimisation, Cloud design & development, Cloud Infrastructure services & Cloud Operation services. On the Application front, we do technical migration or application re-architecture to suit the Cloud deployment.

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Cloud Strategy Advisory

  • Advisory on the suitability of Cloud platform
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Single cloud Hybrid cloud Multi-cloud
Devops Consulting

Mobility Solution Application Design

  • Argus design, develop, deliver and maintain feature-rich solutions that enable different teams to connect and work seamlessly on any device on the go across any location in the secured environment. Also, we create applications that enable seamless migration from pre-existing applications. with complete data integrity.

  • Migration & Re-Architecture

    Migration & Re-Architecture

  • Cloud Native vs Cloud Neutral.
  • Containerization & DevOps
  • Performance Management
  • Lift and Shift.
  • Technical Migration.
  • Application Re-Architecture.
  • Monolith, N tier, Micro Services
  • Cloud platforms & Tools

    Platforms & Tools

  • Zabbix, Nagios, CloudMonix,
  • NewRelic, Junit, SonarQube.
  • Ant, Maven, AWS, Azure.
  • vCloud, vSphere, OpenStack.
  • Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Jenkins, Graphite, Bamboo.
  • Cloud Applications
    Application Software

  • Cloud Solutions (Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform, others
  • Front end - Angular, React, Asp .Net, Php
  • Mobility – Ionic, React Native, Swift, Kotlin
  • Server - Java spring, .Net & core, Python,Serverless APIs
  • Databases - SQL Server, Postgress, My SQL, Cassandra,MongoDB, Redis
  • Mobility Solution Strategy
    Mobility Solution Strategy

  • Argus helps define organizations the roadmap of mobility by assessing the kind of mobile devices and operating platform company is working on, policies related to the ownership of the device and remote working. All the previous factors help in drawing the mobility management solutions that help in keeping track of devices and security of data.
  • Niche Technologies
    Niche Technologies

  • Progress ABL
  • Artificial Intelligence ( AI )
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Low code Platforms: Outsystems, Microsoft, salesforce
  • Cloud Applications india
    Cloud Applications
  • Warehouse management
  • Smart city solutions
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Worker safety
  • Asset monitoring

  • Cloud Solutions & Enterprise Mobility

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