Electro Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

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CE, ATEX, ICE Ex Certified Metal Enclosures

Electro Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Argus (AESPL) Electro Mechanical Design and manufacturing solutions leverage our vertical design & manufacturing model and capabilities under one roof in a cost-effective manner. We support the entire lifecycle of a product from mechanical design targeting DFM efficiency to prototyping, to cost-effective high volume production. Our solutions are enhanced through a global supply chain and support services, both of which are aimed at optimizing flexibility and cost-containment across all operations. We develop the cost effective industrial design of the enclosures and create a detailed mechanical design coupled with design documentation and build prototypes to house Electronic systems in material such as Plastic, Aluminium Stainless steel and Mild steel followed by production quantities.

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    Plastic Enclosure for Electronic Products

  • We design and manufacture different types of plastic enclosures that range from small and simple to large and complex. we have the knowledge and experience to deliver plastic enclosures that meet and exceed our customer expectations.
Aluminum Electronic Enclosures

Aluminum Electronic Enclosures

  • Argus designs and manufactures aluminum enclosures for electronics. We can provide boxes customized to your needs including drilling, milling, threading, and printing adding cable glands.
Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet Metal Enclosures

  • We offer complete sheet-metal fabrication solutions to meet our customers’ requirements from product concept and design through prototyping and volume production. We support customers in the instrumentation, medical, consumer, computer/datacom, and telecom industries.
Custom Electronic Enclosure Design and Manufacturing

Custom Electronic Enclosure Design and Manufacturing

  • Argus designs and develops custom electronic enclosure to meet a harsh environment. The corrosion-resistant steel enclosure protects industrial equipment against circulating dust, falling dirt, rain, and hose directed water.

Electro Mechanical Design

Electro Mechanical Design

  • Industrial Design with Shape and size definition, Surface Definition, Graphics Design and High Resolution Renderings.
  • Mechanical Engineering Design and Modelling of electronic and mechanical components, PCB assemblies and enclosures.
  • Design for assembly (DFA).
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM).
  • Reverse Engineering , Re- Engineering and Value Engineering.
  • FEA Analysis Static, Dynamic.
  • CFD Analysis.
  • Mesh Generation, Linear/Non-Linear, Static, Dynamic.
  • Fatigue simulation, Tolerance Analysis.
  • Fluid Flow Analysis, Plastic Flow Simulation.
  • Thermal, Shock & Vibration analysis & simulation.
  • Selection of material and components.
  • Product packaging design.
  • Mechanical Assembly drawings & documentation.
  • Mechanical Chassis design and fabrication
  • CAD/CAM Platform Migration and Legacy Conversion.
  • 2D to 3D conversion, Isometric Sections, and 3-D Views
  • Product Development & Prototyping.
  • Injection mould flow simulation
  • Design of Press tools, Injection Moulds and Jigs/ Fixtures.
Electro Mechanical Manufacturing,Mechanical Design,Electronic Enclosure

Electro Mechanical Manufacturing

  • Rapid prototyped SLA & SLS plastic parts and enclosures with materials like ABS, PP and PLA.
  • Injection Moulded IP5x & IP6x Plastic Parts & enclosure.
  • Manufacturing of Injection Moulds and Compression Moulds to support variety of Materials such as PP, LDPE, HPDE, Nylon 6, ABS, PC, Clear PC, PMMA, TPE & SAN.
  • Custom sheet metal enclosure manufacturing solutions in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel with sheet thickness 0.5 mm to 10 mm.
  • The Sheetmetal's are processed by CNC laser/profile cutting and CNC bent after which powder coating or anodizing is done as per product preference.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines includes Hydraulic Presses, Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Sheet Rolling, Precision Bending , Pipe Bending, Laser Cutting & Engraving.
  • CE, ATEX & IECEx approved Aluminium and stainless steel enclosures.
  • CE, ATEX and IECEx certified Terminal boxes and junction boxes for signal and power distribution networks in explosion hazardous areas suitable for Oil & Gas Industry.
  • CE & IECEx approved Control Units with functions such as push buttons, LED indicators, control switches For operation and monitoring in harsh or explosion hazardous environments.

Electro Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Solution

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Argus Systems (AESPL) is a globally recognized Electronic system / Sub-system design & Electronic Contract Manufacturing ( ESDM) Organization Designing and manufacturing PCB Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Electro Mechanical Assemblies, Test jig & fixtures for Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK and Australia.