Electronic System Design and Manufacturing - ESDM

Argus Systems(AESPL) has built competencies in specific industry domains acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property and re-usable platforms. We have integrated the hardware, software, and electronic system design services to provide our customers with valuable solutions in a variety of domains meeting Automotive ( IATF 16949 ), Medical Devices ( ISO 13485 ), Aerospace & Defense ( AS9100D ) quality management standards.Argus Systems believes in "First time, Right solution" and with experienced technical resources, we can be your complete electronic product design partner.

Aerospace and  Defense electronics

Avionics & Defence

  • Argus Systems is the Leading supplier of Custom Electronic cards and assemblies to the Aerospace and Defense Industries meeting AS9100D quality management standard..
  • Superior reliability is for the overriding issue for Aerospace and Defence electronics. Regardless of the application, they are performing in the most extreme environment and hazardous situations.
  • To increase the performance of aerospace and defense electronics are reduced in size to increase functionality and reduce weight.
Automotive Electronics


  • Argus Systems is the strategic supplier of technologically advanced and high-reliability products to automotive electronics manufacturers meeting IATF 16949 quality management standard.
  • Our Automotive Electronics are used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from safety-critical components as airbags, braking, steering, and collision avoidance or radar systems to engine control Units and infotainment systems. Argus Systems especially supports ADAS, radar, and stereo camera systems.
Industrial Electronics


  • Argus Systems skilled and experienced global teams consistently help our customers meet these challenges for industrial electronics products.
  • Early supplier development includes electro-mechanical control design and design for manufacture.
  • Industrial electronics development includes electro-mechanical control design and design for manufacturing aspects.
  • Industrial electronics manufacturers are under strong competitive pressure to reduce costs and time to market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • We develop robust industrial Control products for a variety of applications in industries including Oil & Gas, mining, nuclear, Process, Pharmaceutical, and advance manufacturing.
Medical Electronics

Medical and Healthcare

  • Product Development for the medical electronics and Healthcare industry that depends on stringent process control and product traceability. Our facilities strictly adhere to a comprehensive quality system ( ISO 13485 ) designed to meet the needs of medical electronics.
  • High-mix, low volume manufacturing combined with competitive, off-shore production provides end-to-end solutions for the medical customer.
  • Medical equipment design & prototyping.
  • Electronics, software, Industrial design, Mechanical.
  • BoM optimization and low power design for wearable health devices.
  • Device miniaturization, localization re-engineering
  • IoT Powered connected healthcare solutions.
Telcome and Networking

Networking & Telecommunication

  • We at Argus help our customers to embrace technology without compromising on normal functions. We also provide consultancy and turnkey service for almost any kind of telecom or IT requirements.
  • Argus helps you to build, enhance, and operate network infrastructure by incorporating best-in-class ingredients and platform technologies.
  • Argus Networking product design solution and is tightly integrated with its Contract Manufacturing/Prototyping service.
  • World-class standard material and processing expertise in RF & microwave applications. Including mixed material constructions, blind and buried via structures and cavity designs, these are key competencies our customers depend upon for networking and Telecommunication Products.


  • Argus develops Customer Reference Boards, Evaluation Boards, and Semiconductor Reference Design packages for its clients. Working in union with Applications Engineering and Product Marketing groups at its semiconductor clients.
  • High-Speed Serial designs up to 15 GHz.
  • Feasibility Analysis.
  • High Pin count designs (FPGA Arrays, DDR2/3, and DSP).
  • Turnkey Board Assembly, Board Bring-up, and Functional Testing.
  • High-Speed Board Technologies - Hybrid Construction.
  • Quick turn Designs.
  • Schematic Engineering, Board Design & Layout, SI.
  • DFM/DFT Implementation.
power and Energy

Power & Energy

  • Argus Systems possesses the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to deliver new advantages—and business results in the power and energy industry today.
  • The power and energy industry is undergoing significant changes such as growing demand, the need for cleaner and sustainable energy, the digital transformation of energy networks, and an increased focus on improving the efficiency of operations.
  • Our Product Engineering and Manufacturing team are completely focused on accelerating next-generation product development programs, delivering significant productivity improvements, and product cost optimization for established products and infrastructure.
Instrumentation Electronics


  • Argus designs and manufactures innovative products for industrial automation, process measurement, indication, and process control.
  • We develop robust industrial instruments for a variety of applications in industries including Oil & Gas, mining, nuclear, Pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.
  • Argus Manufactures industrial instruments products that are powerful, innovative, and simple to use by challenging the notion that industrial instruments must be complicated to address complex applications.
  • We Develop Instrumentation Products that solve technical and environmental challenges, manufacture them with a sustainable and transparent supply chain.
  • Railway and Transportation

    Railway and Transportation

  • The transportation industries present a set of challenges for electronics including being able to withstand high levels of motion and heat, and long lifetime requirements along with the industries drive to zero defect electronic assemblies.
  • Argus robust automotive manufacturing and test processes, has proven our capability to develop and manufacture control systems and electronics for transport, particularly for railway and rolling stock.
  • We support in development of Transport solutions and products which are innovative, reliable, safe and easy to install. We can contribute to the increased efficiency of your equipment and support transport operators throughout the whole life-cycle of the traction chain.
  • Increased efficiency of your equipment and support transport operators throughout the whole life-cycle of the traction chain.
  • Oil and Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Argus Systems has built competencies in the Hydraulic Control Panel & Control Units acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property, re-usable platforms, and solutions.
  • Argus Systems believes in "First time Right solution" and with an experienced Product Engineering team, we can be your complete electronic product design and development partner.
  • Self-supported, compact, safe, and reliable alarm and shutdown system for Oil and gas industry, which detect abnormal conditions on a production process and initiate a shutdown if any of the reading shows the operation is no longer within the pre-set safety margins.
  • Control Units (Ex e) -Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • ATEX IECEx Terminal and Junction Boxes
  • Cable Glands and stopper plugs
  • Flameproof switches and LED
  • Electronic System Design and Manufacturing ( ESDM ) Solutions for Automotive, Medical, Heathcare, Aerospace, Defense, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Industrial & Instrumentation

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    Argus Systems (AESPL) stands as a globally recognized leader in Electronic System Design and manufacturing (ESDM), operating across India, USA, UK, and Australia. Our extensive presence spans diverse sectors including Consumer Electronics, IoT, Industrial Electronics,Instrumentation, Networking & Telecommunication , Medical & Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Railway & Transport, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Computing With a firm commitment to Automotive (IATF 16949), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), and Aerospace & Defense (AS9100D) quality standards. At Argus Systems, electronic system design and Manufactruing ( ESDM ) is at the heart of our services, ensuring innovation and quality across all projects. Our prowess in electronic system design and manufacturing sets us apart, enabling us to deliver excellence consistently.