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Argus Systems(AESPL) has built competencies in Power & Energy Industry domain acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property, re-usable platforms, and solutions. We have integrated hardware, software, and system design services to provide our customers with valuable solutions in Power & Energy Industry domains. Argus Systems believes in "First time Right solution" and with an experienced Product Engineering team, we can be your complete electronic product design and development partner.

Solar Tracker System

Argus Systems Single & Dual Axis Solar tracker control systems and Gateway solutions support multiple configurations of solar panel installations.

  • Energy generation is 25% - 45& higher than the fixed for single and dual-axis respectively.
  • Designed for minimal & Ease of maintenance with easy replacement of parts.
  • Lightweight comparative to other solutions that offer significant Reduction in installation time and cost.
  • System Monitors the health of actuator, motor, mechanical and civil structures.
  • Online & onsite control of trackers
  • Onboard data logging as well as cloud monitoring. Dashboard Provides access to all sensors data and Reports
  • User-based and autonomous stowing of Panels. Local weather station data is used to align the panels for autonomous mode.
  • Highly Reliable with zero error sun position calculations.
  • Control system can drive up to 144KWp
  • Self-power capability for controllers the solar panel. Auxiliary power consumption is less than 0.1% of energy generation.
  • IP67/69 weatherproof enclosures.
Solar Tracker System

Energy Management Gateway & SCADA

  • Energy Management Gateways are used in a variety of Monitoring and Control applications including Power Plant SCADA, Energy management systems for Smart Buildings, Campuses, and Smart Cities.
  • These gateways are multiprotocol supporting monitoring of MFMs, MFRs, Weather Stations, a variety of sensors and other data loggers or controllers over serial, wireless, or Ethernet network interfaces.
  • Digital and Analog I/O modules are provided to monitor various statuses and alarms from TG, Transformer & LT/HT panels, and protection relays. Relay based controls are provided for ON/OFF control of breakers, pumps, etc.
  • Each gateway monitors a set of devices and sends data to a local or cloud-based server which provides long term storage and browser-based access through dashboards.
Energy Management Gateway & SCADA


  • Argus MODBUS RTU AMR solution can seamlessly integrate with existing DLMS & Non-DLMS electric meters. AMR system Extracts various parameters that are received from single/3-phase meter and sends data through MODBUS Interface to SCADA/Gateways/FRTU.
  • Supports DLMS & Non- DLMS Meters
  • connects to multi meters (Modbus RTU slave) via RS485, RS232,
  • Companion 2G/3G/4G/LTE MODBUS RTU available to send metering data directly to cloud server in case SCADA/FRTU/Gateways are not available in deployment topology.
  • In typical deployments SCADA / FRTU/ Gateway need to perform MODBUS polling for each meter and waiting for its response which takes a lot of time if deploying plenty of meters in the network. This solution can avoid this problem because SCADA/FRTU only need to fetch the consolidated meter data from multiple meters in single data fetch cycles.

MODBUS RTU Data Acquisition Module

    MODBUS RTU Data Acquisition modules is a standalone Unit that directly connects to contact multiplying relays (CMR) panel in feeder circuits of substation and sends status over MODBUS to Gateway. The Installation of the MODBUS RTU DAQ module on CMR Panel has significant advantages over traditional architectures.

  • Eliminates the use of long signal Cables between CMR and Gateway / FRTU ( Feeder remote terminal unit) and thereby Improves reliability.
  • Addresses space constraint in substation / control panels.
  • Eliminates the risk of damage by rodents as long cable is eliminated.
  • Faster implementation and maintenance saves project and AMC time.
  • Faster location and restoration fault due to MODBUS based modular design.
  • Direct configuration of MODBUS RTU , saves CMR termination hassle at Gateway / FRTU (Feeder remote terminal unit ).
  • Offers Higher communication reliability by using redundant MODBUS (RS-485) data link to Gateway / FRTU (Feeder remote terminal unit).
  • The rugged unit is suitable and type tested for extreme environment applications.
MODBUS RTU Data Acquisition Module
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