RF & Microwave Wireless Systems

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RF & Microwave Wireless Systems - PCB, PCB Assembly, Wire Harness, Box Build

Argus (AESPL) is leading Wireless RF & Microwave Systems Design company manufacturing high quality multilayer Rigid PCB , Flexible PCB, Flexi Rigid PCB, PTFE Teflon RF PCB, RF PCB Assembly, RF wire harness assembly and RF box build assembly for RF, Microwave, wireless Applications.

RF Systems

RF Systems

  • 6.4 GHZ RF Systems
  • 8-12GHz X band Receiver
  • 400 MHz RF Synthesizer
  • LTE Remote Radio Head
  • 2.4GHz - Dual Port RFID
  • 2.4GHz : BLE
  • 2.4GHz : Zigbee
  • 2.4/5.2GHz WiFI
  • 868/915MHz – Lora
  • 900 MHz HSS RF Systems
  • 868 MHz Sigfox
  • 4G/LTE Devices
  • 2G/3G GSM & CDMA
  • 840-960MHz – UHF
  • 950 MHz UHF xcvr
  • 433 MHz UHF xcvr
  • 13.56 MHz HF xcvr
  • 125 KHz LF xcvr
RF PCB Capabilities


  • Selective plated up layers.
  • Exact registration/laser direct imaging.
  • Front to back registration of etched cores.
  • Mixed Dielectric constructions.
  • Buried / Blind / Microvia.
  • Multilevel cavity constructions.
  • Optical mill / drill.
  • Back Drill for Precision Stub Removal.
  • Laser routing.
  • Sequential lamination.
  • RF PCB with Plated edges.
  • Hole Fill (Conductive, nonconductive, and partial hole fill options).
  • Thermal Solutions (Copper coins and slugs, Metal Core & Metal Back, Thermally conductive laminates).
  • Surface Finishes (ENIG ,ENEPIG ,Hard and soft wire bondable gold, Immersion silver).
RF Circuits & Structure

RF Sub-systems

  • Power Amplifier
  • Power splitter
  • Directional Coupler
  • Attenuator
  • Filters
  • Antenna
  • N stage Power Divider
  • N Port Modulators
  • Frequency Synthesizer
  • Down Converter
RF wire Harness Assembly

RF wire Harness Assembly

  • Multi-Conductor Cable Applications.
  • Semi-Rigid and Semi-flexible Cables.
  • Flat Cable Harness Assembly.
  • RF Cables, Power Cables.
  • EMI Shielded Cable Harness.
  • Ribbon Cable Assembly, Coaxial Cables.
  • Standard Connectors
  • Mil-Spec Connectors
  • D-38999 Circular Connectors.

RF & Microwave wireless Systems and Sub-Systems

Reach out to AESPL for Your custom RF PCB, RF PCB Assembly, RF Wire Harness assembly, RF box build assembly, RF Systems & RF Sub-system Requirements.

Argus Systems ( AESPL) is a global Electronic System Design and Electronic manufacturing company Providing RF hardware design services, RF PCB board design services, RF PCB layout design services, RF electronics design, RF Design analysis (Signal Integrity,Power Integrity,Thermal,EMI & EMC,Reliability,DFM) , Electronics Manuafcturing ( RF PCB, RF PCB Assembly, RF wire Harness assembly, RF box build assembly) to Its Global Clients in India, USA, UK for standard as well proprietary RF and Microwave wireless Systems.