Medical & Healthcare Devices

Medical Products & Healthcare Devices

Argus Systems(AESPL) has built competencies in the Medical Electronics Devices and healthcare domain acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property, re-usable platforms, and solutions meeting Medical Devices ISO 13485 quality management standard. We have integrated hardware, software, and system design services to provide our customers with valuable solutions in the Medical Electronic Industry domains. Argus Systems believes in "First time Right solution" and with an experienced Product Engineering team, we can be your complete Medical electronic product design and development partner.

External Counter-pulsation Controller

  • ECP (External Counter-pulsation) process comprises synchronized external pressure applied on the lower limbs during the diastole phase of the heart cycle.
  • The application of a 3-lead ECG enables the compression of the blood vessels to be timed according to one's heartbeat. During the diastolic phase, pressure cuffs wrapped around the calves, thighs, and hips inflate sequentially. Right before the next heart contraction, the cuffs deflate simultaneously, thus decreasing the cardiac workload.
  • ECG Circuit
  • Plethysmography circuit  measuring changes in volume in different areas of the body with blood pressure cuffs and pulse measurement
  • Blood Pressure measurement: Thigh, butt, calf
  • Tank Pressure Pump controls for Blood pressure cuffs

Thoracic Sealer and Audio Trainer

  • Audio Trainer simulates the activation, re-grasp/error, and seal complete tones. This Unit is used to demonstrate the cadence of grip and fire of the activation for laparoscopic instrument
  • The product uses a combination of pressure and energy to create a consistent and permanent vessel fusion without dissection or isolation. The Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues delivery when the seal cycle is completed.

ICU -Ventilator

  • Controller card with flow sensor, Pressure sensor, O2 sensor, Temperature sensor, valve control.
  • Communication Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB.
  • Blower controller card with suitable Air Blower.
  • Powerful PLC (programmable logic controller) expand up to 2048 I/O points
  • 10.4" HMI Color touch panel with multi-language display.
  • AC/DC Input voltage with Battery Backup.

Respiratory Sound Analysis

  • Simultaneous chest and longs auscultation on 4 anterior and 4 posterior points.
  • Observes sound, record it and send the data via Bluetooth to Mobile
  • Automatic data upload to the cloud for analysis.
  • Perforated breathable neoprene and poly-fleece material

Ventilator Electronics

  • Ventilator Electronics cards with following functions to implement full feature ventilator product.
  • CPU Card with flow sensors, pressure sensors, O2 sensor, temperature sensor, inhalation & exhalation valve control , Display & Keypad Interface
  • Turbine/Blower controller card with suitable turbine.
  • Power management board to support external AC/DC supplies and battery back-up
  • Buzzer/Alert module
  • LCD Display module
  • Keypad module
  • battery charging module
  • patient circuit with associated tubing
Ventilator Electronics

Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

Heart Rate Monitor for Maternal And Child is a smart portable device which continuously monitoring the heartbeat of the fetus and the contractions of the woman’s uterus with the help of a patch placed on the abdomen of a pregnant women with a high accuracy which has ability to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality during labor.

  • 3.5” TFT Liquid Crystal Display/ Color graphic LCD display.
  • Multiple operation modes: Digital /Graph Analysis Modes.
  • 4 channel Electrode Sensors for Heart Rate Monitoring( HRM ).
  • Ultra-low power wireless communication with WIFI module.
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery with Auto power save mode.
  • Heart rate Monitoring application for Phones/Tab/Monitors ( Android, iOS, Windows) .
Ventilator Electronics

Remote Monitoring of Treatment Adherence

  • Remote monitoring of RNTCP Drug box weight and to ensure compliance.
  • Non-compliance is to detect in case the patient did not take the prescribed dosage.
  • Alerts are sent to DOTS observer and Patient.

Pain management – Cryo-thermic wrap

  • Multi-Modal Temperature Relief – Instant Hot, Cold and Contrast to comfort sore and aching body parts.
  • User controllable temperature range
  • Perforated breathable neoprene and poly-fleece material
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

ISO13485 Compliant Medical Electronics Products & Healthcare Solutions

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Argus Systems (AESPL) is a globally recognized Electronic Product Design and Electronic manufacturing company with Its Operations in India, USA, UK, Australia offering product and solutions for Medical Electronics sector such as Ventilator, Heart rate monitor, Respiratory Sound Analysis, Remote Monitoring of Treatment Adherence, Thoracic Sealer and Audio Trainer meeting Medical Devices ISO 13485 quality management standard.