Internet of things solutions

Global IoT market as predicted is set to exceed USD 300 Billion by 2020. Internet of things solutions can be categorized into two broad categories Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT. Consumer IoT can be further divided into Health & fitness Monitoring and Home Automation whereas Industrial IoT includes Industrial Automation, Retail Automation, Connected Vehicle, and Smart Cities.

Argus an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offer various Internet of things solutions to satisfy every segment of IoT. These IoT products are ready to be deployed and/or to be customized for various applications.

Industrial IoT Systems

Various Industrial IoT systems

  • Wireless SCADA.
  • Cloud-based Security & Surveillance.
  • Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Telecom Tower Remote Monitoring.
  • Energy Management Gateway.
  • Automatic Meter Reading.
  • Industrial IoT Devices (Lora, Sigfox, Zigbee).
  • Wireless (BT, WiFi, GPRS) Weighing scale.
  • Agri-Electronics Products.
  • Optical Sensor Interrogation System.
  • Automotive Control & Infotainment.
  • Multi-Alarm Automatic Shutdown Unit.
  • Wearable Electronics.
  • Wireless Sensors.

Solutions and Products

  • School & Personnel Attendance System.
  • Personnel & Asset Tracker.
  • Real-Time Location System (RFID, GPS).
  • RFID Reader.
  • RFID tags (Buzzer, Vibrator, LED, Display).
  • Solar & Wireless Battery Charging Solutions.
  • Single Board Computers, System on Modules.
  • Data Conv. ( RS232/RS485, Ethernet, Optical).
  • Active Noise Cancelling Headphone.
  • Industrial controller cards.
  • Radioactive Elements Analysis Systems.
  • Wireless Connectivity Solution.
Edge Devices
  • Quark Open-WRT Router & Access Point.
  • Content Play Media & Storage Devices.
  • Wireless IoT Gateway.

Explosion Protection

Other Services

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Argus technical team can understand your requirement and suggest you the right Internet of things solutions for your requirement. We offer our solutions at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

We have the global clientele for our various development boards, spread across North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia & Asia Pacific region.

As an established Electronics Design and Development firm with an in-depth understanding of the various domains we trust we have the competence to offer you the finest quality development platforms within the specification and quantity that you desire.

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