Electronic Manufacturing Services in Australia

Argus Electronic Manufacturing Services in Australia includes

  • PCB Assembly.
  • PCB Fabrication.
  • Wire Harness and cable assemblies.
  • Component Engineering.
  • BOM Analysis/Risk Assessment.
  • Support on Reliability, Thermal and Packaging information.
  • Procurement technical support.
  • Parts management: military and commercial systems.
  • Supplier Quality Auditing and Engineering.

PCB Assembly

  • Professional PCB Assemblies (RoHS, Leaded) with the highest verified quality and on-time delivery.
  • Engineering prototypes and Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.
  • Assembly of various types like Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flex PCB’s.
  • Support of Single sided, Double sided, Surface mount and Through-hole Assembly.
  • Option for Machine or manual soldering.
  • Meticulous assembly backed by highly skilled professionals.
  • Comprehensive multi-stage QC & QA process ensures consistent quality and high production yield.
  • Material/ Kit verification to minimize in-process delays rejects & reworks.
  • Highly skilled test engineering team equipped with Quality control test equipment.
  • Customer specific Test jig development.
  • Support for  Chip on Board (COB), BGA Reworks, BGA Re balling Assembly.
  • Hot-lot Assembly services for Urgent Requirements.

PCB Fabrication

We are the provider of professional high quality multi-layered Rigid, Flexible, Flexi Rigid, Metal Core and PTFE Teflon Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for Avionics, defense, Medical, Instrumentation, commercial & Industrial applications. As complete single stop firm, we have partnered with multiple industry partners which enables PCB Fabrication at competitive prices. We specialize in different types of printed circuit boards including metal core PCB, multi-layer Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, and rigid-flex PCB.

Printed Circuit Boards capabilities includes high frequency PCB, high temperature Boards, thick or ultra-thin PCB, heavy copper PCB, Metal Core PCB, HDI boards with Blind/Buried Vias, bonded heat-sink, embedded passives, Impedance Control, Back-drilling, Depth control drilling, Edge Plated PCB, Bump Pads, cavity with ledge, Via on pad and stacked micro-Via technology.

Why us? 

Argus technical expertise enables Electronic Manufacturing Services in Australia at competitive prices. We are specialized in different types of printed circuit boards including multi-layer Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, rigid flex PCB, and metal core PCB. We have the global clientele for Electronic Manufacturing Services spread across North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia & Asia Pacific region. As an established PCB Supplier with an in-depth understanding of the Printed Circuit Board domain including complete product design life cycle, we have the competence to offer you finest quality boards within the specification and quantity that you desire.

Contact us today to discuss your Electronic Manufacturing requirements and get a free quote on any of our services. For us every inquiry is important and we revert back within 24 hrs with best quotes which does not compromise on quality and considered keeping budget constraints.