Electronic Design Services in Australia

Argus Embedded Systems offers complete electronic design services in Australia.  Requirement analysis, feasibility analysis, and immediate feedback are key features which help customer to analyze if the product idea is worth investing or not. Argus experience gives us an edge over other companies and we share detailed proposal including feasibility and if any constraints/ risk to be mitigated for prototype to production.  Our Complete product design services cover every aspect of product design including electronics, enclosure design, any mechanical design, firmware, user GUI, applications and certifications.

Our technical expertise helps electronic-savvy or novice customers alike as our team converts rough requirements into technical specifications which include functional, electrical and mechanical specifications, and from which complete product can be designed, validated and verified as per customer satisfaction.

We work for turn-key as well as for individual category of Services as per our customer requirement and can customize or re-engineer the existing hardware if the need arises as the part become obsolete or to be upgraded.

Electronics Design & Product development:

We provide turn-key Electronic product design services in Australia from prototype to production, one-stop solution for a fully tested and standard compliant product ready for mass production. We innovate, design, research and help in designing new products as per customer requirement.

Argus Electronic Product design services include feasibility analysis, systems architecture, Design capture, PCB layout Design, Design Analysis (Signal Integrity Analysis, EMI analysis, Thermal Analysis, Reliability analysis), Embedded software development and Electronic Manufacturing Services (PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly and Testing) for Engineering prototypes to production.

Our domain expertise in Engineering Printed Circuit board design and development, FPGA Design, Embedded Software, and electronic manufacturing gives us an edge over any other company.

Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best-engineering-practices, and strong relationships with customers. An Experienced technical team with a wide spectrum of skills on different platforms and various industry domains helps to reduce development risk and offer Cost and Time To Market advantage.


PCB Design Services

  • Expertise in High-speed PCB designs.
  • High speed digital, Analog, mixed digital/analog, RF designs
  • Power supply
  • High Layer count up to 30 layers
  • Ultra High-density designs.
  • Impedance controlled Designs
  • Standards Compliant (IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254) designs as per project compliance requirement.
  • High speed interconnects up to 10 Gbps
  • high pin count(1512) and multiple Fine pitch BGA (0.4mm)
  •  Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias, and back drill based Designs
  • ASIC Test Boards, Load Boards, Probe Cards, Burn-in Boards and Package Design.
  • Pre-Route / post-route Signal Integrity Analysis
  • IBIS Model Creation.
  • Board and system Level Thermal Design, simulation and analysis, Multi-board analysis.
  • Design for Testability (DFT), Manufacturability (DFM) and serviceability.
  • 3D-Models of electronics components, PCB Assemblies and enclosures.
  • Library creation Services
  • Manufacturing verification service.
  • Generating reports on individual board characteristics as per manufacturing specifications.
  • Extensive DRC solutions.
  • Gerber editing capabilities and netlist extraction.
  • Panelization / board array configuration with maximum usages.

PCB Design Analysis Services

Argus is one of leading PCB and system-level design and analysis Services Company offering SI analysis, Thermal Analysis, Power Integrity Analysis, Crosstalk analysis, EMI Analysis, Reliability availability and maintainability analysis for applications like Space, Avionics, Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Computing, and Automotive.

A growing number of companies are experiencing a sharp upturn in system-level Signal Integrity, Thermal and Reliability issues that result in project delays and increased cost. Many companies do not have in-house expertise and the companies that do have the expertise may experience peak overloads that require periodic outsourcing. Argus quick turn design analysis services address the needs of these customers by providing expert resources at very affordable prices.

  • Signal Integrity Analysis and Signal Integrity Simulation
  • Power Integrity Analysis
  • EMI Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Reliability analysis

FPGA Design Services

IP Design and Verification Services:

  • RTL Coding in Verilog and VHDL.
  • Behavioral model for verification.
  • Synthesis.
  • Verification Suite development and Automation
  • RTL, Pre-Layout, Post-Layout netlist verification.
  • IP Integration at SoC Level
  • Formal Verification
  • Emulation/Target Board for ASIC/IP validation.

FPGA Design and Verification Services:

  • FPGA implementations: Systematic and Qualitative approach
  • Selection of FPGA/CPLD devices as per  specification
  • Optimum speed & power performance within cost constraints.
  • Design and Implementation of IP blocks.
  • Integration of IP blocks
  • System level functional simulation.
  • Mapping Designs to target FPGA/CPLD
  • Physical synthesis.
  • Innovative target board design techniques
  • Expertise in emulation environment for System On Chip designs.
  • Exposure to various Devices and EDA tools from various vendors (XILINX, ALTERA, Lattice, Actel).

Re-Engineering Services

Argus design reviews of existing products give you insight if it’s beneficial to re-engineer the product. Re-engineering is generally done to reduce the manufacturing costs or to correct known design flaws and issues.  We can also re-engineer obsolete components replacements.

We can help you in :

  • Rectifying existing faults.
  • Enhancement of feature or addition of the new feature.
  • Reduce or optimize BOM costing and replace obsolete components.

Automotive Electronics Design

We are a noteworthy organization offering with a comprehensive assortment of Automotive Electronics Design. We offer you the best electronic system by making use of modern techniques & material. The electronic system developed by us is well known in the industry for its smooth performance & usage. Our service is available in accordance with the customer’s needs.


Circuit Design Consultancy

A company’s needs can vary at different stages of the design process – perhaps at the initial stage discussions on board stackup, strategies to address and thermal issues are necessary while during the actual design phase the attention is focused more on the application of the PCB design software. At Argus, whatever the stage or the requirement we can call on our vast experience in the circuit board design process to address your needs

Component Engineering Design Services

BOM Analysis/Risk Assessment

  • Pricing
  • Lead time
  • Environmental compliance (ROHS/WEEE)
  • Material Declaration
  • Lead Finish
  • Soldering Profile
  • Whisker data
  • PCN/PDN Management
  • Obsolescence Solutions, Part lifecycle management
  • Alternate Part/substitute Selection.
  • Qualification of Alternate Components.

Embedded Hardware & Product Design Services

Our team has experience in various activities in design processes like:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Systems Architecture, Hardware, and software partitioning
  • Product Cost and Technical trade-off analysis
  • System Design and analysis as per regulatory requirements
  • Product Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis
  • Compliance and Regulatory management

Industrial Electronics Design

Argus in-depth knowledge and expertise helped in building competencies in Industrial Electronics Services domain creating intellectual property and re-usable platforms & various solutions. We offer New Product Introduction (NPI) services which include systems architecture, Design capture, PCB layout, Complete Design Analysis (Signal Integrity Analysis, EMI analysis, Thermal Analysis, Reliability analysis), Embedded software development and Electronic manufacturing Services which includes Fabrication, Assembly and Testing of PCB for Engineering prototypes and production.

Medical Electronics

Argus has built incompetencies in Medical Electronics domain and have integrated the hardware, software and system design services to provide our customers valuable solutions.


Argus design bureau offers complete Electronic Design services in Australia including Electronic Manufacturing services. We have a range of OEM products to suit the needs of various technological domains.  Our professional experts are available via phone or email for your consultation. Ask for a free quote on any of our services or products.