Flame Proof Exd Switches

  • Safety switches ensure the obligatory isolation of electrical power during cleaning, maintenance and repair of the equipment. Other methods of isolation.
  • We provide Atex and  Exd certified flame proof switches and we have ATEX/IECEx CE II2G Exd IIB+H2 T6 Ta -60 to +75°C, T5 Ta -60 to +90°C. We have 1 x SPDT micro switch or 2 x SPDT micro-switches and it supports a Settings from -40 to 240˚C. And 3 and 6 pole switches 12 A / 16 A, 25 A, 40 A, 63 A / 80 A, 125 A / 160 A, 250 A, 315 A, 400 A, 500 A. High level of corrosion resistance in external components.

flame proof switches
aluminium flameproof switches