Custom Software Development Company

Argus is one if the leading Custom Software Development Company specializes in embedded software and systems for various industries and domains. In our turn-key projects we have designed and developed safety-mission-critical embedded software for various domain. We use our extensive knowledge, expertise and IPs to develop fast embedded middle-ware and rich applications including mobile applications. We have developed customized simple-easy-to-use but complex functionalities interfaces for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products.
Our design and embedded software development group comprises of skilled professional embedded software engineers and developers, who have worked in latest technologies and platforms across various verticals like Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Wireless, Automotive, Industrial, Telecom and Networking.
We have expertise in:
Firmware & Drivers
  • NPI (New product Introduction).
  • Application development.
  • Device Driver development.
  • Board Support Packages for various platforms.
  • Assembly level programming.
  • RTOS (Linux, VxWorks).
  • Board bring-up, Diagnostic and Production test software.
  • Protocol stacks, embedded web servers.
  • 8/16/32/64 bit Processor/micro-controllers Architecture.
  • DSP (ADI, TI).
  • Algorithm development
  • Standard/Propriety communication protocols.
  • Performance tuning and optimization of applications.
Application Software
  • Web Applications in, php, Java, Magnolia, java script.
  • E-Commerce Software Solutions.
  • Cloud Solutions (AWS, Google Cloud, localized).
  • Enterprise Software Solutions for Schools & Business.
  • Android Applications.
  • IOS Application.
  • Compliance testing.
  • Windows Applications.
  • Apache Cordova Applications.
  • Sales Analysis and Data Management Applications.
  • QR Code Management System Applications.
  • Custom applications for Organizations.
  • Electronic Device Configuration Management Software.
  • Application using Visual Studio (Editor/IDE) with ASP.NET MVC Framework.
  • Coding Proficiency in C, C#, HTML View/ Razor View, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Client-server model-based applications.
Test Automation Services
Argus once of the core competency lies in delivering greater business value through test automation suits. Our test automation suits addresses the embedded industry need for high quality, flexibility & reliable testing services while concurrently delivering tangible cost savings to the cost-sensitive electronics business. With our offering of vast range of  testing services, we support end-to-end testing, across multiple technologies.
Argus is a custom Software Development Company which gives you an edge over any other companies as we are end-to-end Embedded Product Design Services bureau and can help from front end design, consulting and planning to delivery of successful product.
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